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Sunday, October 22, 2017
Transforming lives through Christ

Past Mission Trips

 California- 2011


Members: Rob Johnson, Paul Najmon, Teresa Dunbar, Jan Munter, Phillip Driscoll, Michael Driscoll, Ryan Franklin, Austin Schonfeld, Page Perry, Dusty Deckard, Hunter Carlin,  

Grundy- 2011




Jan Munter and Margaret Gregory traveled 9 hours by air and 5 hours by train to reach Ostroda Camp in Ostroda, Poland.  The camp has a long history with our missionary George Bajenski .  Impact Europe (formally Global Missionary Ministries or GMM) is a missionary outreach to the peoples of the post communist world of Central and Eastern Europe.  The camp is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.  The camp will host a Jewish youth and holocaust camp, Polish youth camps, and will travel to Russia for children in that area.


Dave and Sandy Hatfield have joined Impact Europe and spent half the year in Michigan and half in Poland due to Polish visa regulations.  Sandy helps with a special music camps to train worship leaders.  They are the contact for short term mission teams.


Jan and Margaret, along with Steve Stryker from Michigan worked for a week painting the main building at the camp.  We met a few challenges of having to mix our own paint and painting with only foam roller covers to use on very rough walls.


We meet many wonderful people, many needed encouragement and the hope we have in our Lord.  We attended 3 different churches in many cities. There is only 32 Christian churches in all of Poland.   Thank you for supporting us with your prayers while we were gone.


Members: Jan Munter, Margaret Gregory

Mexico- 2010


Indy Chin-2010


Grundy- 2010





Members: Doug Pogue and Danny Giles




Kansas- 2009

Grundy- 2009

Tennessee- 2008

Mexico- 2008

Grundy- 2008

Mexico- 2007

Cincinnati- 2007

New Orleans- 2006



Mexico- 2004

Tennessee- 2004

Mexico- 2003

Tennessee- 2003

Pennsylvania- 2002

Idaho- 2001

Arizona- 2000


Indianpolis- 1999

Grundy- 1994

Grundy- 1993

Haiti 1976-1977